Turkey Team - Nesrin Boysan Kindergarden School

Our school, which was established in 2005, has 10 Preschool Teachers, 1 Counselor, 1 Manager, 1 Officer and 2 Assistant Personnel and education is given to 4-6 year old students. Our school has the "White Flag" and Nutrition Friendly School Award within the scope of the "Clean School, Healthy School" Project. Our school has contributed to increasing the professional efficiency of its teachers and increasing EU initiatives and dialogues by carrying out the 2012-1-TR1-COM06-36058 No.1 Comenius Project on Recycling. It is one of the main goals of our school to make our education quality in line with international standards and to encourage the practices in this regard to the European dimension. Various eTwinning Projects are carried out in our school.

Croatia Team - Djecji vrtic Rijeka

Kindergarten Rijeka is the biggest educational institution for early and pre-school children (from six months to school) in Rijeka and Primorsko-goranska country with 371 employee, 2100 children and 121 group. The kindergarten Rijeka has four pre-school centers (Maestral, Potok, Turnić and Zamet), 22 subcentres of pre-school education, and its activity is also realized in Children hospital Rijeka, locality Kantrida. Various programs of education for early and pre-school children are being implemented in all these locations. In regular programs we have health care, nutrition and social care for nursery, early and pre-school children that are tailored to the needs of children and their abilities and capabilities in the kindergarten of Rijeka. Along with regular programs we have specialized programs such as programs for children with disabilities, for children with different national minorities, pre-school programs, early language learning programs and other programs with artistic, cultural, religious and sports content. Educational work is based on the humanistic and developing concept, and the fundamental starting point for all programs is the National Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Pre-school Education. Educational work is carried out by early and preschool teachers, with the support of specialists’ teams who are consisted of pedagogues, psychologists, educational rehabilitators. Each center also has a healthcare worker and head of a Pre-school education Center. At the institution level and beyond it we constantly raise the level of personal and professional competencies creating conditions for continuous learning and improvement of the quality of the educational work.

Latvia Team - Rīgas 272. Pirmsskolas İzglītības İestāde Pērlīte

A preschool institution Perlite (Pearl). Around 56 employees work in a preschool institution, including 28 teachers (preschool teachers, 2 music teachers, sports teacher, 1 speech therapist). 210 children from 1.5 to 7 years visit kindergartens. Our kindergarten is located in Riga, Latvia. Our children have become a real city for children, so work in nature is a very topical topic. The children of different nationalities visit our pre-school. The teaching language is two Latvian and Russian. Joint games have a positive impact on the development of an international friendly relationship. Children and families have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the culture of other peoples, to learn language, to see common and different. However, most importantly-the game and games are the main way of learning for preschool children. Our kindergartens are visited by children of different nationalities, so we have the experience of organising various folk games and gaming.It is also important that we have 2 music educators who can organise musical games and games professionally, but the sports teacher knows, plays with children motion/sports games and games.

Lithuania Team - Vilniaus İnzinerijos İr Technologiju Licejus

Vilnius Engineering and Technology Lyceum is a cosy kindergarten and primary school, located in a peaceful place and surrounded by a beautiful landscape in Vilnius city. 150 children attend the kindergarten and school and they are taught and educated by 16 teachers. Students re between 4-12 years old. Vilnius Engineering and Technology Lyceum is a unique place for children to develop and improve because the team of specialists has created an individual programme which meets the modern educational tendencies and relies on scientific theories of Vygotsky, J.Piaget and others. According to these theories, children learn the best when they feel physically and psychologically safe, when they have fun being together and explore the environment on their own. Following these ideas, the school team of educators aims to create a child-friendly environment. We can be proud of the fact that professional educators, talented children and happy parents are working there. We encourage our young learners to constantly explore, experiment, and create. Through creative experiments children are encouraged to dicover the surrounding world by themselves. During the practical activities they perform experiments, create, produce, discuss and otherwise express themselves. In this way, everyone can experience something new, gain vivid impressions and profound knowledge. The institution has a strong ICT base. Computer facilities are updated every year. All classrooms are computerized with Internet access. Most of the classrooms are equipped with data projectors, smart boards. Teachers use tablets. Students learn coding, math with the help of tablet. Students have additional lessons: Robotics, chess, engineering, technology, ceramics, english and music. Students construct and code LegoWedo constructors, they construct with LaQ contructor from Japan.

Serbia Team - PU "NASA RADOST"

Preschool institution "Nasa radost" is located in Subotica, a multicultural and a multinational town on the north of Serbia. It consists of 54 kindergartens which are placed in the town and surrounding villages.Three of them are Montessory kindergartens. The institution provides physical and social environment for living and learning for about 4000 children ranging from one to seven years of age. There are about 350 preschool teachers, a principle, 5 principle assistants and 10 professional associates - pedagogues, psychologists and speech therapists who are responsible for implementing the state preschool program. A preschool program is carried out in three languages - Serbian, Hungarian and Croatian which are the official languages in the town. A lot of children has an opportunity to learn English or German within the several programs. Mission of preschool institution "Nasa radost" is to establish the appropriate professional approach to early education and education as the first part of the basis of the education. The institution has already been engaged in international cooperation on various projects with Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia and in Erasmus project with Germany, Denmark and Norway. Preschool institution "Nasa radost" participate in eTwinning projects, communicate and collaborate with partners from different EU countries. The institution is awarded with more than 30 EQL in 2016/17th and 2017/18. school year ( etwinning projects ) and gained status of Etwinning School. Active participation on etwinning platform enables preschool teachers their professional development in the field of PBL, ICT , 2.00 tools, coding and programming.

Bulgaria Team - Kindergarden 141 "Slaveykova Polyana"

Our kindergarten is called “Slaveikova polyana” and it is situated in the center of Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. There are 26 teachers and 220 students in 4 groups and one pre school group. The age of the students is between 3 and 7. We have also and logopedic affiliate иin separated building. We have gained rich experience in the realization of various projects. We participated in 2 Comenius projects and in many projects of municipal and national level, too. Especially about sport, physical activities, healthy lifestyle, learning and education. Teachers, kindergarten and parents have a lot of experience in organizing activities. Students parents are well organized. They support their children in all school or extracurricular activities. Our teachers are highly qualified and all of them teach only in our kindergarten. This fact ensures continuity in the implementation of project activities. Teachers are very motivated and eager to work in international team. The participation in this kind of projects will provide our pupils additional motivation to increase their understanding of the World. We would like to teach our students to integrate themselves more easily in the European multicultural space and allow them to be European citizens. For teachers and students this project constitutes a great personal and professional challenge. Therefore we are going to participate in this project with our stuff and with our pupils in all activities designed by involved in it partners.